Successful retail chain Normal takes on Sweden

In just four years, Normal – a retailer selling normal products at very low prices – has grown into a chain with more than 90 stores in Denmark and Norway. And the chain is now ready to open its doors in Sweden. Heading the openings in Sweden are Carsten Hansen and Torben Elmgaard, both partners in Normal Sverige, and both possessing considerable experience from the retail sector in Denmark and Sweden.

Two stores in Malmö

The first Swedish Normal store will be opening its doors in Emporia in Malmö, followed shortly afterwards by another store in Mobilia – also in Malmö. The choice of Malmö is no coincidence – many people in the area shop in the Danish stores, and they have been keen for Normal to open in Malmö for some time.

And Carsten Hansen and Torben Elmgaard are confident that Swedish consumers will welcome the Normal concept:

“We’re looking forward to opening our doors in Malmö and introducing our concept to Swedish customers. When shopping at Normal, you are guaranteed a good deal, and I’m convinced that Swedes will appreciate this. Many Swedes are already familiar with the concept from Denmark and have been keen for us to open stores in Sweden for a long time,” says Torben Elmgaard, partner in Normal. 

Having worked for Dansk Supermarked, Netto in Sweden and Kiwi in Denmark in the past, Carsten Hansen has no doubts:

“Normal distinguishes itself from other retail chains by selling completely normal products to completely normal people – it’s just that they cost less. We stock a variety of branded household items and personal care products as well as a wide range of basic products that a lot of people already know and use in the bathroom, in the kitchen and for cleaning, including L’Oréal, Gillette, Colgate and Ajax, but we can often sell the products 30–50 per cent below the market price.”

Normal is able to compete and sell branded products at markedly lower prices by buying the products in other EU countries where they are a lot cheaper, partly because distributors and dealers have very low marketing costs.

A fun and exciting in-store experience

Normal is not just about everyday branded products at low prices. It also offers an exciting and different in-store experience as well as constantly introducing new products in the stores, including brands normally only found abroad. For example, soft drinks from an American TV series, or the chocolate bar you came to love while on holiday last year.

“Our ambition is for our customers to have a unique experience every time they visit our stores. For that reason, as well as our permanent assortment, we’re constantly sourcing new products, so you’ll always come across something new, exciting and fun when exploring our stores,” says Carsten Hansen

Normal’s form of communication is quite different from the usual way of communicating in the retail sector. Rather than telling consumers that shopping at Normal is special and will make them special, the concept pays a humorous tribute to normality – after all, being normal is quite normal.

Grand opening in Malmö

Normal will be opening in Emporia in Malmö at 10 am on 20 January, and on 27 January in Mobilia – also in Malmö.

As has been the case in Denmark, the openings will be celebrated in style – with lots of goodie bags, competitions and live radio and, not least, the world’s best soup.  

“We want it to be a great experience for our customers in Malmö, and we’re looking forward to it. We’ve been at store openings in Denmark and Norway, and it can be quite overwhelming seeing so many happy customers. I’m so excited to see what the Swedes think about the Normal concept,” Torben Elmgaard concludes.


  • Normal buys branded products from all over the EU, wherever they cost the least. 
  • Products include personal care products, household items, cosmetics, pet food, stationery, health foods, beverages, etc. The assortment comprises more than 3,500 items. We keep a regular, extensive range of products all the time, supplemented with new branded products.
  • Normal opened its first store in Denmark in April 2013.
  • Today, the chain has 83 stores in Denmark and 10 in Norway.
  • The chain expects to open more stores in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the coming years.
  • Follow us on Normal’s Swedish Facebook page for more information about the grand openings:
  • You will find the new Normal stores at the following addresses in Malmö:
  • Emporia, Hyllie Boulevard 19
  • Mobilia, Per Albin Hansson Väg 40


For further information, please contact Carsten Hansen, Partner and Country Manager, on 072 144 0796