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The concept

In NORMAL we sell normal products to normal people. The branded assortment ranges across multiple categories, all of which are used or consumed by the household – every day or just once in a while. But NORMAL is also about providing a unique customer experience, and we commit ourselves to constantly explore new products, brands and trends, making every NORMAL visit adventurous.

We buy the brands, where they are most inexpensive. To us this is simple good business, and it enables us to sell the products at steady low prices so that our customers do no longer need to navigate in the jungle of promotions. NORMAL means that your bag is full without leaving you with an empty purse.


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Expansion and partnerships

Today, we are present in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Holland, but it is our vision to offer the NORMAL shopping experience to even more people across Europe. We strongly believe in local entrepreneurship and new markets are therefore established through joint ventures with local partners.

The partnership is assigned a dedicated territory in which the partner is responsible for establishing new NORMAL stores and running the day-to-day business. We own, but also commit to deliver and develop, the concept. This means that we will provide the store interior, we set the assortment, and we develop the marketing material. But our role is not limited to the concept, we will also provide the platform on which the local business can build. We handle purchasing, central warehouse and distribution, and we secure a reliable and efficient IT platform as well as providing a range of administrative services, which essentially means that we take away some complexity and administrative tasks from the partnership. This means that our partners can focus on driving the sales, simply because, we believe that a clear purpose and the right support will lead to better results.

Our partnerships share investments, costs and profit, and together with our partners we define a business plan in which we agree a set of goals for the number of stores, profitability and like-for-like sales growth. It is our intention to take full ownership of the partnership sometime in the future when deemed feasible. We will buy the partner shares at a valuation based on a predetermined exit multiple.

Requirements to partner

NORMAL partners can be individuals but also two companions. When we look for partners, we look for competences, dedication and leadership. By competences, we mean experienced retailers with deep market knowledge. Partners that know how to find and select the best leases, and partners that can navigate in a competitive environment. By dedication, we mean people that have an extraordinary drive and that always make an effort to make good better and better extraordinary. We look for people that are pragmatic and who are willing to go the extra mile. We look for partners, that truly believe in the NORMAL concept and who have the financial resources and willingness to invest into the partnership. Finally, when we look for partners, we look for leaders, who can set the right team, who build and protect a strong culture and who can inspire to do great things. Leaders who understand good business, and can engage in strategic discussions and develop the entire NORMAL group together with the NORMAL management team.


If you are interested in becoming a NORMAL partner, apply here. Please note that we do not seek partners in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  


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